When Does He Do This Stuff?

Bill “WooFDriver” Helman does this stuff all the time BUT different temperatures require different Adevnturing ways. You see, Huskies and all dogs are inefficient at cooling themselves becuase they don’t sweat, at least in any kind of effective way so they don’t have a good way to cool themselves. Most people therfore and rightfully so don’t exercise/work thier Dogs in the warmer months with their high potential to overheat which can be fatal… BUT you guessed it, and quite frankly this is why this website is pass-coded (as to avoid people with very jadded and close minded views) Bill has found successful ways to exercise his Huskies year round including the warmer months using equipment in creative ways. You see he even (when conditions warant)  he uses a misting system to mist the dogs as they exercise and he most importantly makes sure to get their underside where their internal organs are. Bill believes the fine mist will act like sweat on the Dogs fur and as it evaporates will help cool. For more on Bill’s MISTING SYSTEM CLICK HERE. In the winter of course Huskies and other northern breed dogs are built for temperatures well below zero, so the biggest challenge is for himself and his human team to keep warm as the Huskies are in their element. there are a few Dog cosiderations such as  what are called “ice balls”  forming between a Dog’s Toes and in Bill’s case because his Dogs are a “Wooly” coat (double coated long hair) if they get wet while running in cold temps it can freeze on thier hair and create problems as well.

Bill also will run the Dogs at night using specialized InfraRed goggles and equipment for visibillty. He does this again in the warmer temperatures as the nightime is uaully the coolest part of the day without the sun visible. He has found the Dogs really enjot the nightime runs as they have some Infrared (night vision) seeing capabillites. It can be a bit more challangeing as nocturnal critters are roaming around at night but the Dog’s help sensing thier presence and Bill can have a look with his Infrared scopes. Bill actually also enjoys the mysterious darkness they will find themselves in! the vidoe below was our very first filmed Nightime Run i nickname “Midnight Mushers!” I have done this for many of years before this video! For more about how we RUN AT NIGHT CLICK HERE

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