What is this Website About?

This website is all about the lengths one man (Bill “WooFDriver” Helman) goes to in order to give his Dogs the ultimate Husky lifestyle, purging their insatiable appetite for engagement with EXTREME adventures while exploring history and nature together. The top video he is running the Dogs with Horses (to really excite the Dogs) and give them a most intresting and engaging expierience.  In the video below we are Free-Ranging (OFF LEASH ROAMING). Almost anybody who knows Huskies will tell you rightfully so to  NEVER EVER let them OFF-LEASH as they will run away! That is the truest of statements as they are very PREY DRIVEN and INDEPENDENT so they can’t be trusted OFF-LEASH unless they are trained by someone as knowledgable and capable as Bill! For More about Bill’s TRAINING SYSTEM CLICK HERE. OFF-LEASH will truly give them what they yearn for as oyu see all ther Fun they are having. By the way that is an ELECTRIC ATV. Bill usues an ELECTRIC ATV for a few reasons and you can read about that HERE

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