What is LH2BH?

LH2BH actually is what they call in urban slang meaning Live Hardcore to be Hardcore. That is probably the perfect description for Bill WooFDriver Helman’s Life but he prefers using this LH2BH meaning Loving Huskies to be Happy as to not give others the wrong idea. You see, which if you don’t know yet,  you will discover after checking out this website that WooFDriver, though he is Hardcore it’s all in a positive manner and his motives are with the best intentions to give Dogs the best possible lives and share his knowledge with others to promote healthy lifestyles filled with endless excitement enjoyed daily in some way with the companionship of Dogs. You might also understand the LH2BH meaning as Live Healthy to be Healthy or Live Harmoniously 2B Happy! The video here is the kind of ADVENTURES WooFDriver does with his Dogs like running the DogPowered Go-Cart at night so there is less traffic and he can therfore share and enjoy the sights, smells, & sounds, of Washington DC! I don’t think anybody has ever MUSHED a team of Dogs through The National Mall past the Lincoln Memorial & Washington Monument and than towards the US Capitol…only WooFDriver would do this! For more about This Washington DC MUSH CLICK HERE

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