What Else Does Bill Do?

Here is one of the many World Class Musicians I colloborate with to bring my lyrics to life!

Bill “WooFDriver” Helman does other activities and has other interest but almost all of them involve Dogs! He is an expert Martial Artist formally trained in 2 styles – TaekwonDo and Gumdo (a Korean Sword Art). Something that most people don’t know is that WooFDriver’s mentor and teacher of all his Dog knowledge was actually a Grand Master (one of the highest rankings) in the Martial Arts and they would sometimes collaborate thier different Martial Art styles. This mentor (Jon) main style was Bando (A Burmese Martial Art). They would both take thier Dogs out for a walk and Jon would be constantly training WooFDriver about Dog aspects and behaviors as he also would talk about some of his storied past of being a Master Shutzand (protection Dog Trainer) as he trained many Police and Protection Dogs and the many Dogs who had touched his life over the years. When the walk was over the Dogs would stay with Jon & Bill as they would exchange ideas and actually use pads to catch kicks and hand strikes to get a physical workout as well!

This video is vintage from back in the day so please excuse the quality. Here is Jon and me doing a quick outing with the Dogs. You can see his 2 German Shepherds which were Shutzhund trained.

When doing something like this which appears to a Dog as someone is striking at you or you are defending yourself you must keep in mind how your Dog may react. So a Dog might try to defend its owner by attacking the person they’re working out with. Of course the Dog has good intentions but this could prove to be a bad situation. So they needed to let the dogs know that this was acceptable behavior between Jon and Bill as to not stress them out. A definite learning experience for all. In addition many Martial Arts Systems have techniques or are even sometimes the entire system is based upon animal like movement. This is because animals move and defend themselves in some of the most efficient manner’s that us humans can learn a lot from animals. Not to dive too deep into this subject here but just imagine a Dog and how they shake when wet, the speed in which they shake their body is executed with expert muscle control meaning proper relaxation and tension converging at the exact timing for them to be able to do this so effortlessly and effectively. Animal technique and movement is discussed at more detail on my Martial Arts website and I have even written a song about it called Natures Ninjas, which is the video on top. For More about this CLICK HERE

Bill also writes songs to be almost like a musical blog. He is Dyslexic (has a learning disibillity) and has found that writing songs help him better articualte his knowledge and has written more than 100 songs most are Dog Centric. CLICK HERE FOR HIS ENTIRE LIBRARY OF TUNES! Below is the song Bill wrote for Jon,  the lyrics are below that.

This is the story of Jon The Man that gave WooFDriver a plan And all the means to succeed on his dog dreams and lifestyle he has evolved!! Jon would teach WooFDriver the most important needs to negotiate almost any scene that might convene on his dog themed schemes!!

WooFDriver met Jon when czar and Hudson were around 5 years old!! They were great dogs but he had no real control which meant they sometimes had a somewhat boring lull!! Jon’s role and his goal was to train the boys to respect WooFDriver’s commands and respond to his demands!! Jon was regarded to most as the best dog trainer on our coast!! I must say my doubt was pretty stout to train a husky to obey its owner was considered an impossible task that if cracked would still not last!! I had heard the stories and knew the state of husky traits which told of their fates and would so relate to their uncontrollable state!!

After just my second lesson under Jon’s discretion we were walking my boys leash free and they were staying with me. This was my wildest dreams coming to fruition because of Jon’ s ambition, Intuition and in incredible system!!

Jon showed me how and wow!! Now my boys were my best pals!! Their behavior would enable me to take them almost anywhere they were allowed to be, and we could do so much more than we ever thought before!!

But my best find from all of our dog time was the friendship Jon an I aligned!!

Thanks Jon for your incredible wisdom, guidance, and this whole alliance!! You have helped me define my life and journey from these tremendous learnings!!

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