In Which Ways Does Bill Relax With His Dogs

The Pool

Bill “WooFDriver” Helman again is always in search of the best for his Dogs and that includes their comfort and relaxation. So he has built a pool with specific dog access including a wading area for them to quickly cool down and play especially for those of his Dogs who don’t want to swim. The pool also has a waterfall with a cave and a stream to provide even more water access and exotic type areas for even more of his curious Dogs.

When not Adventuring he also like to give the Dogs some DOG time with each other so he has designed his very own WooFPark! Most of the equipment he purchased from a Dog Park Manufacturer as to ensure this equipment would be “Husky Proof” which means it needs to be EXTRA Rugged! In addition he has incorporated some of his own designs and fun such as a floorless tent to allow the Dogs to dig until their hearts content without it turning into a mud pit! For More about the WooFPark CLICK HERE

The WooFPark

He also is an avid motorcycle rider and again in his quest to spend as much time with his dogs he has designed a way to include them in his riding. With his mind on safety this was a bit of a challenging task as he will only wanted to do this in the most safest matter possible. So with a specially designed motorcycle seat custom built with a three point harness system that secures the Dogs like a seatbelt would for a human in a car, as well he has very specialized custom designed and built goggles to protect the dogs eyes from the open road and wind. All of his dogs enjoy the riding especially Zarro as he will put his head on Bill’s shoulder as they cruise!

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