How Does He Do ALL This?

This Husky Lifestyle Bill “WooFDriver” Helman lives wouldn’t be possible without very specialized equipment as to do these activities as well as equipment to travel safely and comfortably with the Dogs. Also needed is a team of experts and qualified people that most importantly love Dogs and are not afraid of some of the situations we roam
through and they really need an overwhelming sense of adventure! The video above is acustom built 6 Door FORD Excursion outfitted especially for the Dogs and long distance travle. Please be sure to watch all the videos in the playlist to see more about this most fascinating “Jumbo-Jet” Truck. For More about his EQUIPMENT CLICK HERE. The video below is of some snowy adverse conditions we found ourselves in. Witht he help of Bill’s Team “The WooFDriver Pit Crew” they were able to give the Dogs the conditions that they yearn for! For more info about THE WOOFDRIVER PIT CREW CLICK HERE

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